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While JIRRA is an idea grounded in the ethos of survival and solidarity--the notion that “we are still here” and that “we are also here for one another”--the persons who established it as a not-for-profit charity organization are Oromos concerned with the recurring humanitarian crisis we, as nation, are confronted with.


JIRRA is a result of the coming together of like-minded Oromos who sought to have a system of responding to the recurrent humanitarian challenges the Oromo people face. Having observed the inadequacy of ad hoc emergencies responses, we sought to find a mechanism of responding to needs in a more enduring, sustainable, and coherent manner. We sought to bring some kind of system to the acts of kindness we intermittently extend to our compatriots as a gesture of solidarity.


By creating a more permanent fund such as the one that JIRRA embodies, we sough  to respond to the seemingly never ending  humanitarian crises Oromos are exposed to year after year. In so doing, we wanted our nation to be better equipped and prepared to respond adequately to the myriads of  humanitarian needs facing our people.

                      OUR VISION 

Our vision is to see that we, as a nation, shall neither be surprised nor intimidated in the face of recurring humanitarian challenges.It is our vision that none of our needy ones will be left unattended to  while we can.

                      OUR MISSION 

Our mission is to set up an institutional home for our people’s humanitarian endeavour so that, whenever disaster strikes in any form (be it man made or natural, war or persecution, flight or displacement, disease or want), we shall be prepared to respond, to provide relief, and to facilitate rehabilitation. In this way we would like to see to it we intervene in good time to heal the wounds of our nation that is constantly in resistance.


It is therefore our mission to mobilize, harness, and deploy the humanitarian energy of the nation in such a way that we are always prepared to “be there, to say “JIRRA,’for the less fortunate ones among us: the martyrs (and/or their survivors), the wounded, the persecuted (the accused seeking justice and the victim of legal-political justice seeking mercy), the fleeing, the displaced, the refugee, the migrant, and the starved, the sick, and generally the less endowed and/or the less privileged. It is to ensure that we have a system in place for addressing the humanitarian needs of our people.

                        OUR VALUES 

The most important value that anchors our activities is that of Oromo self-support and economic self-reliance as an aspect of the imperative of self-emancipation. Other values that underpin our work include solidarity with our compatriots, and the common humanity we all share regardless of region, religion, or faction.

OUR TEAM MEMBERS (3).jpg (2).jpg (1).jpg (4).jpg


of the Executive Team

Dammee Assefa

Vice Chairperson

Shemsiya Waaritu


Tsegaye Ararssa 



Public Relations Officer

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