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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I make a donation?
    JIRRA offers you many donation methods: Through our website, you can simply click on the donation button and access our donation page. You can then select the cause/ project you would like to donate for, select if it is a monthly or a one time donation, enter the amount and enter your payment information. Payments can be done either via Credit Card or Paypal. Interact Bank transfers ( for more details please click on donate button and refer to the "Other payments methods" section on the donation page) Wire Bank transfers (for more details please click on donate button and refer to the "Other payments methods" section on the donation page) Cheque - you can make your cheque at the name of "JIRRA "
  • Do I need to setup an account to make a donation on the website?
    No account nor login is required to make a donation. After your first donation, an account linked to your email is automatically created. This account enables you to login to your portal to view your donation history or manage your monthly donations. You can also continue to visit the website and perform donations without login to any account if you prefer.
  • Does JIRRA collect donors' personal information?
    At JIRRA we care about your privacy and we are not interested in your personal information. That is why, in all our processes, we only ask you to provide you name and email. This information enables you to access your profile, view your donations history and manage your recurrent donations (if any). Any other information such as country, address, phone, etc will never be requested.
  • How secure is the JIRRA website and the donation transaction process?
    At JIRRA we use the highest information security standards and processes to ensure that the transactions are processed in the most secure manner. Also, the best way to secure your personal information is to avoid storing it, and that's what we do. JIRRA does not keep or store any credit card information: credit card payments are processed automatically through Stripe (one of the most renowned International Payment Gateway), therefore no credit card information is stored on our website.
  • How can I support JIRRA actions throughout the year?
    The best actions are the ones which last. JIRRA offers the possibility to perform monthly recurring payments to enable all our donors to donate regularly and to continuously get the rewards for these actions. Even regular small amount donations can make the difference and change the life of our beneficiaries. You can easily setup your donation by clicking on the donate button and following the instructions on the donation page.
  • I would like to set up a monthly donation, is it easy to stop it?
    You can stop your monthly donation at any time, with one click through your JIRRA account. Your monthly donation will be automatically suspended.
  • JIRRA is a 100% volunteer based organization, how does it operate?
    JIRRA is a group of concerned Oromo public intellectuals, activists, and opinion makers who have been encumbered (by the global Oromo Diaspora) with the responsibility to regroup, reorganize, and recast the strategic ways of supporting the struggle at home. Having noted that there needs to be a systematic and sustained support to the struggle; and having noted that the major types of support the diaspora can offer is financial, advocacy, and generation of ideas; we realized that it stands to reason for us to start with the work of providing an institutional home for our humanitarian efforts.
  • Is it possible to help and become a volunteer?
    JIRRA is a 100% volunteer based organization, therefore promotion of volunteering is one of our core values. Our community is great and we receive hundreds of volunteering applications . However, as we have a limited number of volunteer positions, we cannot integrate all applicants to our volunteering program. Also, as we conduct projects in different parts of the world, and one of our main commitments to our donors is to minimize costs, therefore we choose primarily to work with selected volunteers and partners directly in the beneficiary countries, to reduce travel and accommodation costs. All this said, we can regularly announce needs for new volunteers with specific skills that can help us in our administrative and logistics tasks. Stay tuned and keep following us on our social network accounts (Facebook, Instagram) for such kinds of announcements. Meanwhile, the best way to support us is to keep sharing our posts, promoting our activities, and organizing local fundraising to better support our actions. This way we can all be: With Humanity. Everywhere.
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